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Dominate the Wastes by commanding one of 4 factions, using a range of post-apocalyptic vehicles and unique abilities to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents. Tactically use your limited actions to grab your own objectives whilst simultaneously preventing other players from scoring - shoot, ram, and wreck your way to victory! 

A seamless blend of boardgame, skirmish and wargame, this is a fast and frantic multiplayer combat game with elements of objective grabbing and resource management: this is not a game of territorial dispute - this is all out war! 

Use the unique flame peg damage system to record damage with no need for tableaus - when you cause damage you set it on fire! Know your enemy's situation at all times, and look good whilst doing it. 

Look at all that battle damage!
Look at all that battle damage!
  • 20 vehicle miniatures in 4 faction colours - 5 for each. UNLOCKED: Factions have their own unique models! 
  • 70 flame pegs - track damage and look cool doing it!  
  • 7 double-sided map tiles - create your own wasteland. UNLOCKED: 3 additional map tiles for more options!
  • 16 faction cards - powerful one-off abilities unique to your faction that can change the tide of battle. 
  • 56 salvage cards - one-off buffs and attacks that can be used to strengthen your vehicles, or mess with your opponents. 
  • 16 event cards - the rules of the wasteland change each round! UNLOCKED: 8 additional events to keep you on your toes!
  • Player guides, quick setup rules, tokens, dice - it's game time!
Ready to play at Airecon 2018
Ready to play at Airecon 2018

Want your game to look even better? Have pro painter Michael Mordor paint your miniatures wasteland ready and grab one of the limited painted pledges before they're gone!

The painted pledge - awesome, right?
The painted pledge - awesome, right?

Sounds pretty cool, right? But don't just take my word for it - this game has been played at UKGE, Dragonmeet and Airecon by hundreds of gamers, each one with a smile on their face. That not good enough? The game has been to many reviewers in the UK and the States, and here's what they had to say:

The earth as we know it has long been destroyed, replaced with a barren wasteland. Our once great cities, our achievements, all gone: buried beneath the sands of time. Yet life still exists in this bleak future: a number of factions roam the wasteland in search of salvage - technology from the byegone age - to continue their existence: driving relics from a time long past, they use vehicles to survive the harsh and inhospitable Wastes, and are suitably armed, and armoured, for the task. The sands are ever-shifting, revealing ruins ripe with tech ready for the taking. And take it you will - if you can get to it first. Only the strongest will survive...

There are no doubt countless tribes, gangs and settlements spread out across the wasteland, but these are the 4 main factions that the players control:

  • The Salvoes, short for Salvagers, are people who eke out an existence from the barren wasteland. A tough existence has taught them how to survive the harshest conditions and outlast their enemies. Their abilities help them to stay in the fight longer and gather more resources to outplay their enemies. 
  • Reapers live only to sow death and destruction. They are violent and aggressive, and follow only the most powerful warriors. Their vehicles are adorned with the trophies of the their previous kills, a testament to their fighting prowess. Their abilities favour aggressive players, from hijacking vehicles to striking fear into the enemy ranks.
  • Ruin is the only city that is known to exist - the Ruin Army is tasked with protecting its inhabitants from threats and collecting valuable supplies to keep its people fed and its technology working. Ruin was built around an old military installation so they have access to the most advanced technology to perform their duties. Their abilities use tactical training and experimental tech they can call upon to aid their cause. 
  • Choosing to lead a simpler existence following mankind's fall from grace, the Desertkin thrive in the wasteland. They have formed a symbiotic bond with some of its inhabitants, hulking creatures which have evolved to survive their habitat. Their abilities allow them to use the wasteland and its creatures against the enemy.

Select a faction which suits your playstyle or choose one at random - your game, your rules!

Michael's Reapers, ready to join the fray
Michael's Reapers, ready to join the fray

The real stars of the show, these highly detailed miniatures allow you to ride across the wasteland in style. These miniatures are designed to fit within the 30mm hexes, from the small scouts up to the hulking big rig at over 60mm long! Although there are many different vehicles out in the Wastes, they broadly fall into 4 size categories:

Each vehicle has its own set of stats as well as a unique ability - using the right vehicle for the job will improve your chances of success! Miniatures have pegholes in them to represent damage and are supplied unpainted in their faction colours, unless you go for the painted pledge!

The objective of Wreck and Ruin is to raid more salvage sites than your opponents by the end of the game: this is a game of resource management, tactical planning and dice chucking as players battle to collect their own salvage tokens whilst stopping their opponents from doing the same. How do you do that? I'm glad you asked!

  • A player will spend their action points to move, shoot, and ram with their vehicles.
  • Any salvage tokens that a vehicle moves on top of are classed as occupied: at the end of the turn they will be flipped from their red side to green, showing they are ready to score!
The Desertkin buggy holding a site
The Desertkin buggy holding a site
  • In order to stop an occupied site from scoring, an opponent must inflict damage on the vehicle either by attacking it, or ramming it: ramming also has the advantage of being able to push smaller vehicles off occupied tokens and allow you to claim it at the same time! If an occupying vehicle takes damage the token is flipped back to red as it has been contested.
  • Once all actions have been taken, any tokens still green are removed as victory points and new tokens are placed on the map to replace them. All occupied tokens then flip to green again, ready for the next player to contest them!
The wrecker holds the site, but the scout has crashed!
The wrecker holds the site, but the scout has crashed!

Each turn will have players spending their limited actions to move to claim sites as well as attacking other players. Throw in salvage cards, faction powers, and global events and you're guaranteed a white-knuckle ride to the finish line.

Action points are the limited resource you have each turn to activate your vehicles. A vehicle's stats show how powerful those actions are:

The scout's stats: fast but weak!
The scout's stats: fast but weak!

Move: spend an action point to move that many hexes. Each turn of a hex face costs 1 of your movement allowance.

Attack: shoot an enemy within range. The stat shows how many dice you roll - the bigger the vehicle, the more dice it rolls! Every roll equal or above the target's armour stat is a hit, placing one flame peg on it.

Ram: The bigger the vehicle, the harder it hits! When ramming an equal sized or smaller vehicle, not only do you get to damage it, but you get to push it too! Use this to clear enemies off sites and get you onto them. Ramming uses the armour stat as well as the vehicle's size to determine the winner.

Need to know more? Read the rulebook here!

 Friendly shipping to the EU, US, Canada and Australia - no customs fees! Get your game for the price you pay on the campaign with no hidden surprises.

Kickstarter was set up to help creators like me bring something to life that wouldn't exist otherwise, and I believe in this whole heartedly. I have put as much money in myself as I can - all the artwork and sculpts are all paid for, I am also putting my own money in to keep the funding goal as low as possible, but it is only with your help that people like me can dare to dream big!

Available Rewards:

£45GBP + Shipping


Welcome warrior! One copy of the game and all unlocked stretch goals.

£15GBP + Shipping

Miniatures Only

Fancy using the miniatures for your own post-apocalyptic wasteland? This pledge is for a single faction's 5 miniatures molded in plastic: 1 big rig, 1 wrecker, 1 buggy and 2 scout bikes. Select the faction of your choice.

£120GBP + Shipping



It includes 3 copies of the game with all unlocked stretch goals, with the option to purchase more on the add-ons page.

Discounts available for larger orders, please email if you have any questions.

This reward is only available in the United Kingdom, the EU, the United States, and Canada.

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